Those are actors that have roles of the good or bad guy. They can be good cops or a corrupt cops, double agents, heroes and even serial killers. In my book, those are the real actors because we don't know if they will turn either way. They are the true actors that take chances! They don't play safe :)

You may not know who they are by name but the face....

Let's see who some of them are:

Brian Dennehy
Michael Ironside
Gary Busey
Jake Busey
Christopher Walken
Robert Englund
John Hurt
Robert Patrick
Kevin Spacey
Eric Stoltz
Tom Sizemore
Micheal Madsen

The list is far from complete and a lot more actors could be you have one?


  • I went from memory

  • Most had more than 3-4 movies/shows being a bad guy. A one time bad guy don't count but it's a start ;)

  • I did not put titles because you can see the full list and try to remember if good or bad

  • I had some major names in mind but was not sure and/or were borderline bad :D

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