Twilight was number 1 this past weekend at the boxoffice and it was not a surprise to me. But, I was surprised that Twilight made 70.5M.  Twilight had an estimated budget of 37M.

Rachelle Lefevre, who plays a minor role in Twilight , was asked by an interviewer( on Quebec TV) if she had a clause in her contract to make the 2 other movies based on the books. Rachelle Lefevre replied that if Twilight was successful, they would make the other movies. With 70.5M, it's a done deal and I'm sure the fans will be happy. The 2 other movies will make her character more present. It was not the vampire movie I expected from the trailer but I do hope the other movies have more action than the first one.

Rachelle Lefevreis from Montreal, Canada. In the interview, Rachelle Lefevre mostly spoke in French with an English accent and used a few English phrases. Of course, living in LA does not help her much for practicing her French.

Rachelle Lefevre even joked :"I'm an actress, I don't eat". One thing I like about her was that within 3 hours of arriving in Montreal, she went and got herself a poutine(French fries, gravy, cheese curds). A poutine is good for the taste but not good for the health if eaten too often. That's a good way to show young girls that eating junk food, from time to time, is something they can do.

I always like it when someone from the province of Quebec make it big. Rachelle Lefevre will be the new hit actress in Hollywood after she finishes the 2 Twilight movies. But more action please ;)

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