This week is the official launch to the TV season where most new shows will start. I have a seen a few pilots and I saw a good crop this year plus the returning shows.

Here are a few new shows that I looked forward: Chuck, Jouneyman, Reaper, Bionic Woman, Life, Moonlight

A note about Moonlight: Yes, it's an Angel-clone but I will still give it a chance to show me it's own style. Remember that vampires work at night and action series are either private eye or law enforcement thus crime related. I could say that Angel was a semi-clone of Forever Night(1989) where the main character was a cop.

A drama would have more jobs opportunities. Examples of tag lines per job:

IT: "It will suck the bugs out of your computer before sunrise"
Baker: "The bread will be fresh every morning or it will die trying"
Overseas Stock trader: "It will double your money or it will see the light of day"

Also, Bionic Woman is a remake, of course, and Reaper looked like Brimstone(1998, it took time to find the title) with both bounty hunters for the devil but Reaper is funnier. :D

Like I mentioned in early post, it may be my last year watching new shows on TV. The only thing is that many are from NBC which is in the HD-DVD camp. Hopefully by this time next year or sooner, it will be a non issue for most HD fans.

The only thing is when I like a new show, they are quick to cancel it. :(
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