This year, a freighting number of remakes started to be talked about. I wrote that the 80's were next in Does Hollywood lost some of it’s imagination?. It seems I was sadly right. :(

Here a list of planned remake of 80's movies:

Scanners (2008)
Escape from New York (2009)
Footloose (2008)
Revenge of the Nerds (in the news)
Prom Night (2008)
All of Me (2009)
Further Adventures in Babysitting (2008) (not a sequel)
Clash of the Titans (2010)
The Warriors (2008)
Cannibal Holocaust (2009)
The Long Good Friday (2009)
The Evil Dead (2008)
The Thing (2009)
Conan the Barbarian (2009)
Magnum P.I. (2009) like Miami Vice based on a TV series from the 80's

That's not counting the already out in 2007 and before:
The Hitcher (2007)
The Hills Have Eyes II (2007)
Hairspray (2007)
The Invasion (2007) (1956, 1978(close enough) and 1993) It's the third Remake but none in 1980.

This is only a small list just my searching "remake" in the news section of Zap2it for 2007. It still took a few hours of digging first. I can't imagine what the rest of the year will be like. I found, after that, a "remake of cult classic" tag on with only 30 movies. Most movies above did not have the tag but will be very soon.

I was too young for some of the early 80's movies to see them in theaters and appreciate them. I might go see them but then again, I might not.

At that rate, the 90's won't be far out.

Is Hollywood wrong of remaking those? Should they expect blockbuster numbers or should they release them directly to Blu-Ray instead ;)
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