Yes, I came to that conclusion while watching the pilot episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. You see, in the first minutes of the episode, Agent James Ellison(Richard T. Jones) is looking on his monitor and you see a profile of Sarah Connor(Lena Headey). Now, watch the height: 5'4". Then it switch to the Terminator's(Owain Yeoman) monitor and you see the height at 5'5". The Terminator will look for female that are 5'5" to be 100% certain thus waisting valuable time. If they can't make a proper connection with the government computers, how do you expect the Terminators to win?

Boy, I do like my PVR. :D

P.S. Too bad the show won't last. Why do I say that? Because every show I like is canceled way too fast. ;)
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