The big question will be: what will happen with the box office next weekend with Cloverfield?

If you did not see the movie yet, you can read my Mini-review of Cloverfield(no spoiler).

Stop reading if you don't want to know about Cloverfield 2.

I now know I left too fast the theater because Jason gave more information today on his blog: “Cloverfield” End Credit Static Revealed. I was thinking of doing this post anyway and this will give me more ideals.

The monster

The movie ended without giving us any answers about the monster.

  • Is it a genetic mutation?

  • Does it come from space?

  • Does it have a mate or any more?

  • We know they did not use a nuclear bomb because the tape would be erased from the Electromagnetic Pulse(EMP). What did they used and did it killed it or just wound it?

The parasites

One of thing that I did like was the parasites angle but it was not featured enough. It's the same questions like above.

  • Did the whale in the picture on Jason Blog's bitten by one parasite or is it a piece of the monster?

  • When they exploded, what came out? Another parasite killing the host or was it the poison that finaly reacted.

  • How many are still in the subway system?

Possible stories for Cloverfield 2

In could be more action oriented with no or less over the shoulder shooting. The video/audio feed could come from a soldier's helmet.

Those are not original ideals and are often seen in other sequels. Hollywood being safe with sequels, they could go in those directions:

  • Soldier's must combat many monsters because the first one was just a baby. Many cities around the world are attacked. We discover that Iran was attacked at the same time as New-York. Iranian and American special forces must work together to eliminate the threat.

  • Soldier's must find the origin of the monster and destroy the nest. Mostly American centric.

  • Soldier's must cleanup the subway but part of it collapse and they must go to next secured station. Parasites would be the enemy with a few new mutation. Seen any rats lately? That's a good direct to Blu-Ray.

  • A parallel story line to the first movie but from the point of view of a soldier.

Those are 4 possible stories.

A sequel?

Some think it's a box office blockbuster with 40M on the first weekend. Yes, Cloverfield is a profitable movie but does it really deserve it at this time or even doing a petition for sequel? Let's see how it does on the next weekend.

The current budget was 25 millions and making a sequel would mean a bigger budget. But to attract more people and not just fans, Will Smith must be in it. Hey! I liked him in Independence Day. :D

Again, they need to make the story interesting and not play safe!

P.S. I know, it's a Paramount movie and went to see it anyway despite my boycott. I said it was partial and not full. What can I say? it's one of the rare movie I wanted to see and it was available in English. Also, I did not noticed it was made by Paramount. My bad :p By the time it comes on DVD or HD, Paramount will release Cloverfield in Blu-Ray. ;)
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