I just finished watching the pilot of Viva Laughlin( I love my PVR).

First, I never look at what style it was and taught it would be another Las Vegas clone competitor. My mind was still open. So, it came has a surprise when actors started to sing during the show. Now, I know it's a drama-musical. OK, I taught, it's very different and not clone of the Las Vegas. Btw, I like that Las Vegas.

Second, I was surprise to see Hugh Jackman on TV. I had a blank about his name, maybe it was the shock, so I searched to found out that he and his wife are producing the show. It's also an adaptation of a BBC show called Blackpool.

Third, the critics were not kind. OK, it's the first episode and unlike them, I'm willing to wait a few more episodes before deciding if I delete my timer or not.

Yes, critics had some good points about it but the producers could learn from that and improve their scripts.  It will take some time because many episodes(?)  have already been shot.

Fourth, CBS should stick with it for now. Like I mentioned in earlier post, broadcaster are too quick to cancel new shows. Keep a time slot and let the viewers find it. By then, new scripts will have been done and shot.

It's like software: version  1.0 give you a taste but version 1.1 is better based on feedback. That's what missing in today's TV industry: version 1.1.

Fifth, the regular time slot will be at 8pm on Sunday.  It's perfect because I had nothing at that hour.


I did not want to write a review about it until I saw the critics being negative. The viewers want something different and they really got it with that show. It's a real gamble that CBS took with Viva Laughlin. At least, it's not another clone based on CSI. ;)

This review could be used for any other new shows.

Are you willing to give it a try for now?
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