This afternoon, I went to see Spider-Man 3 in English, of course. :D Everybody will make a review and I will be short this time. If you like the first 2, then go see it. Plus, nothing beats the big screen
in the theater. The theater was 80% full for the English version and that's on a sunny Friday after-noon. For Quebec City, it's amazing. I can't imagine all the waiting for those that will go tonight in English or French.

The intro took some of the scenes of the first 2 movies. A few CGI elements are not at their best but
overall not that distracting. It's a long movie because some of the scenes are long(no action) but still part of the story line. The 3 enemies are a lot for one movie. How many will there be in Spider-Man 4?

Stop reading this and go!
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