I went to see Grindhouse this afternoon. Being Good Friday, the place was 50% full with mostly male viewers. It's a mostly a guy movie! But ladies, don't be shy! (Inside joke when you see the movie)

It's the first English movie since 300 in town. Note that Québec City is a French-Canadian city(98%) so this is rare since the closured of the other theater that was also showing English movies. I take what I can and no translation for me.

Back to the movie now

The style is very different from what we are used to. The movies, yes the 2, was made to look like the film was old with some grains and lines on it. Don't worry, it's not distracting. I did not expect to be funny movies(mostly dark humor) . It had many cliché of that time and I found that it work great.

The movie is about 3h11. After the actual previews, we are greeted to movie previews at the beginning of each movies. One or two could make good candidates for Grindhouse 2 with all the action scenes in it. Oh well! but those were entertaining and funny.

I preferred the first one, Planet Terror(zombies), because it had more action. The second, Death Proof(car), started slower with a little action around mid point but with most of the action at the end. Some actors(Rose McGowan, Quentin Tarantino) work in both movies at different degrees.

I don't want to say more because I don't like when reviewers say too much. ;)

My suggestion: Go see it in theater

I had my money worth!


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