This week, I have seen:

Ghost Rider

Not a bad action movie but see it when rates a lower.

My suggestion: DVD or half-price ticket

Number 23

Intriguing but I was always expecting Carey to make a some kind of joke(mostly at the begining). Maybe after a few roles like this one, we will see him as an actor and not only as a comedian.

My suggestion: DVD

The Number 23 DVD

The Number 23 [SOUNDTRACK]

The Number 23 DVD
The Number 23 [Original Motion Picture Score](Songs)

Music & Lyrics

Ha! The sacrifice I make for you. A real chick movie with Grant recycling the same lead role. Can he do serious stuffs? Thank god, it was also funny at times and not only romantic. What was more funny? Me with 90% of women in the theater from what I could see in the dark.

My suggestion: specialty channel(movies)

Ma fille, mon ange(French-Quebec movie)

A father discover while surfing porn sites that his daughter will be making a live sex webcast. It's a drama with a twist in the end.

Four movies in the same day. It was a long day!
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