This afternoon, I went see "300".

The place was full for an English movie in s city where 98% speak French. It is not Montréal. I must specify that it was the only English movie available in the city. The other theater, showing a few English movies also, closed a few weeks ago and that left an hole in the schedule of theater owners, contract wise, I'm guessing. So, back to the movie.
I tried not see/hear critics or look at stories about it and I saw the trailer like many of you. My expectations started mid-range like I do with most movies.

I don't notice the soundtrack most of the time but this one was right in the beginning. After that, I was more concentrate on the movie.

The visual was different like we saw in the trailer. The real start of combats started after 40-50 minutes. Those were done well and some part are in slow motion.

It's a 2 hour movie and the time past fast. I did not look at my watch often(2 times). The dialogs was funny at times. There is also a back story with the queen that fill some of the time. One of the officers chronicles the events(childhood to king) during the whole movie and describe the Spartan mentality.

Like they often do, I' sure that they will make a DVD with more time and unrated.But, if you want a testosterone filled movie, this is a movie for you.


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