The month of May is the traditional official start of the popcorn movie season. If you are like me, you love that period of the year because of all those popcorn movies.

Being in Quebec City, my choice of English movies will be limited but I hope that ALL big movies are made available this year. For example, Transformers was not available in English last year. That was the first time that the major movie of the 4th of July weekend is only in French. I cross my fingers that it won't happen this year.

Anyway, those that are in an English speaking country will have a large selection of movies to see. But what if I can tell you that you can see free movies legally. Would you like that? If you downloaded my free ebook recently, I hope you already started enjoying movies for free. If not, you can still start now and see most of the season's popcorn movies for free. It's not too late!

Last year, I saw 12 movies(less selection than you) for free at the theater alone. How about you? How many did you see for free and legally?

Download See Free Movies Legally (and make money too). The money is the nice side effect ;)

Have a nice movie season!

P.S. The method also work with a DVD and Blu-Ray movie too!
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