Many years ago, I lived in a very small town(pop. 1300) far from the city. Back then, DVDs were out for about 2-3 years and I had not place to rent DVDs. I had to buy them to be able to watch one. A few years later, I was able to rent them online. The company was far from me and that caused a delay. I did not have the time to watched them and get my money worth each months. Finally, the company closed a year or so later.

It's now 2007 and renting DVDs online or down the street is very easy. I'm now in Quebec City but the same things in happening but for HD(Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) movies. Before buying a Blu-Ray player, I'm looking at options near me.

Going local

One local video store had both format but not many. Plus, I had already seen most of them in theaters. They are a major player in the province and the clerk said that some location had more choices. At least, it's a start.

Going online

The other option is going online. The situation is more mature(service, faster, many distribution centers...) than when I first experienced it many years ago. I look around and found They have a good selection of HD movies(both format) and they have many plans from $10.95CAD to $49.95CAD. I'm sure I will find an options that would fit my needs. Again, if you live in a rural area, it's one solution to consider. Plus for first timers, they offer the 2 weeks trial or you can pay 3 months in advanced and get 1 month free. One thing that I noticed is that shipping is not a free for all. The higher oil price did not help in that area.

How online works?

If you are not familiar with the online option, I will explain it using their plans.

Here are the plans:

Plans Monthly fee DVDs out at a time Free Shipments per month**
1 DVD $10.95 1 2
2 DVD $18.95 2 5
+3 DVD $24.95 3 Unlimited
4 DVD $24.95 4 11
6 DVD $36.95 6 16
8 DVD $49.95 8 22
** $2.49 shipping and handling per each additional shipment

The most popular plan is the 3 DVD/month. You pay $24.95/month and in return, you can keep 3 DVD at home. Once you finished watching one, you insert it in the return envelope and just mail it back. They will then send you the next one in your list. You could keep a movie for 2 months because you don't have late fees. With this plan, if it takes 6 days(sent and receive) per DVD, you could get 15 DVDs for the month. It's about $1.66+taxes per DVD. Again, it all depend on the delay.

If you take the biggest plan, it would be around $2.27 per DVD if you don't go over 22 DVDs that month. You would pay an extra $2.49 for shipping the 23th DVD.


The advantage of going online is the selection of movies. Your local place may not have the space to keep all regular DVDs and I can understand that. One other reason is that you often have a local mail box near you. You don't have to rush to the store to bring it back.

When I will jump into HD movies(soon), I will look at both options again. Apart from the rushing to watch a movie back then, I remember the overall convenience of the online service. If you are in a rural area, the online option it still good even for regular DVDs and a better option for renting HD movies. :D

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