This week, I was all prepared to post a mini-review of Transformers. I checked the schedule but it's was not available. Weird? It's one of the biggest movie of the summer. I called the theater that normally shows this kind of movies. It was not a mistake and I waited until today in case of a delay but it's still not available.

Ok, it's not the real truth. I can see it in French in many theaters in Quebec City but it's not available in English. The distributor, in it's mind, taught that no real money could me made. Is the movie that bad that it could not last one week after the first wave(fans) seen it? That is something to think about.

I, by principal, will not see it in French. I hate translation and know the voice of Josh Duhamel from the show Las Vegas. I will have to wait.

That's the price of living in a French-Canadian town. Last year, it would not had been a problem but one English- friendly theater closed in February thus limiting the availability of English versions.

At least, I know that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be available. It's the spot vacated by Evan Almighty  after it's 2 weeks run(average here for English movies).
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