Today, I learned that NBC Universal is canceling The 4400 and the Dead Zone( airing on the USA network). Wow! Both quality shows that could at least deserved one last season or mini-season to wrap things up for fans.

Of course, they will show us shows with lower quality because they cost less to produce. That I understand the business side but by canceling many shows(new or old), they risk losing the fans thus making less money by airing more crappy shows.

Here is what will happen if they continue this trend without regard to fans:
Look! Another new show on NBC Universal. Never mind, as soon I'm hooked, NBC Universal will cancel it. I won't waist my time watching it that station anymore.

When scripted shows will become too rare on that network , where do you think viewers will go? They will go to HBO or Showtimes for real and intelligent shows for example.

Yes, NBC Universal is going bankrupt on 3 fronts: losing money, fans and quality content.

Is NBC Universal losing so much money in choosing HD-DVD(losing side) that they need to cut in all divisions to make GE(80% owner) happy. Maybe they should keep some lights of hope on some production studios.

Don't get me wrong, they still have a few good shows(Heroes, Friday Night Lights) on but for how long?
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