For me and in my mind, 1984 was a year that had many movies released that were memorable. For others, it could be another year. The movie was memorable because of the story, genre, an actor, was a sequel....In that end, I build my list of 40 movies from 1984. This is part 2 of 8.

For each movie, I tried to find the trailer and a way for you to get the movies for not much money.Plus, if you click on the title under the thumbnail, you will be able to see a bigger picture. That's if one is for sale at that time.

And btw, I was a teenager at that time. :D

For those born after that date, yes trailers were like that back then. :p

This is my list in alphabetical order(6-10):

6. Beverly Hills Cop

This is was the best movie of Eddie Murphy.

Trailer: 2m26s

7. Body Double

This a Brian De Palma's movie on voyeurism that turned deadly.

Trailer: 1m29s

8. C.H.U.D.

A low budget horror movie on why you should not walk in the streets at night. ;)
Btw, it's for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers

Trailer: 1m34s

9. Conan the Destroyer

The second Conan movie by Arnold

Trailer: 1m28s

10. Dreamscape

What if someone would be in your dreams?

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