I just watch the last episode of Moonlight on CBS this morning. I do my love my PVR. Anyway, I followed the series because I love the vampire element and also the vampire society structure too. Seeing that CBS knew it was the last episode, I would had removed one of the last scene. I won't spoil it for those that did not saw it yet.

That whole scene would had made for a good story line for the second season. Of course, if someone would had been willing to buy the rights for Moonlight, the potential would had been there for them.
Tassler also put the kibosh on a report that The CW is interested in picking up the show as part of its farmed-out Sunday schedule, which is being programmed by independent producer Media Rights Capital. "Probably not, no," was Tassler's response to a question about the rumored move.

I highlighted the Probably from tv.com So, there is still a small chance that another network(smaller) could picked up Moonlight for a second season.

Too bad, CBS is dropping a show(Moonlight) that I did liked.
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