I saw X-Men Origins:Wolverine this afternoon. When I arrived in the theater, about 125 people were there already. I expected it for that type of movie on a Friday afternoon.

Yes, my season has officially started today. Plus, seeing Wolverine for free legally is a bonus for me too.

What is X-Men Origins:Wolverine?

We discover the origins of Wolverine/Logan.

The review

X-Men Origins:Wolverine is 1h47 with almost 15 minutes of previews. I like the X-Men series and this one was different from the first 3 since it was more about one hero in particular and his history. I learned more about Wolverine background thus the movie did it's job.

Mixing humor and action(a lot) make this a real summer movie for me. The CGI for most of the scenes were good but a few ones were disappointing. The stunts were great too.


X-Men Origins:Wolverine is a movie that you should see in theater if you can.

Don't leave the theater since a short extra scene was added after the start of the credit.

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