I saw Watchmen last night.  In fact, it's the first movie in English to come to Quebec City for a long time.  We had few others but nothing that I wanted to spend money on.

I often go to the first Friday representation but could not(work).  Last night, I had a night class that was canceled at the last minute so I said why not take the opportunity to see Watchmen. I expected most people had gone last weekend thus be able to pick my place.

Tickets story!

Since it was Tuesday, the price is supposed to be $4.95 but did I not check if that changed since the last time. French versions of movies and the price bring more people that I expected so I had to be in line to buy my ticket.

My first surprise was that the price was now $9.95. I saw the price because the woman in front of me was having problem with the ticket machine. Great! the movie is about to start and I get the broken machine. However, I noticed the women was not inserting her card the right way. Being the prince charming that I am, I came to her rescue. :D Problem solved!

I order my ticket after answering 20 questions take my credit card printed stub, take the other stub and go. While checking what was the number of the theater(left or right), I noticed that I had no movies tickets.  I had to break into the line to get my movie ticket. Fortunately, the man being me was still in the 20 questions stage and got my ticket. People were looking at me like what the ...but understood after.

They are now giving you a $5 dollar coupon for the food stand.  It's good marketing but also a deceptive because if you don't use $5, you lose it and money for them.  Usually I don't buy anything and could not since the line to the food stand was too long and the movie was about to start. I bought something after the movie.

When I arrived in the theater, it was packed that I had to seat on the sides. I guest I was not alone needing my English movie "fix".

What is Watchmen?

In an alternate 1985, superheroes must find who killed one of their own.

The review

Watchmen is 2h42 with almost 10-15 minutes of previews. Personally, it was too long. During the movie, the main story was split with many flashbacks. Since you have many Watchmen, you have many flashbacks. However, I do understand the reasoning behind it for the character development but think it cut the flow of the storyline.

I did laugh a few times. I also liked the 80s feel of the movie. They took alternative historical facts and used musics from that era. The CGI was well done.

By using no big name actors, I think it was a wise choice too.  This way, it's not a "insert name" movie.Plus, it gives a break  for those lesser known actor to show their stuff.

Warning: In Quebec, the movie is rated 13+ but I think 16+ should had been it's rating. In the US, it's rated R. You have mostly strong graphic violence scenes with a few scenes of sexuality. That's why I was surprise it was rated 13+ here(sexuality).


Watchmen is not a movie that you must see in theater at all cost because of the length. If you drink, you won't be able to hold it and thus missed part of the movie. Remember, it's 2h42.

If I'm not mistaken, I expect the Blu-Ray to be longer.  I'm sure it will be rented a lot on Blu-Ray because you can press the "pause" button. ;)

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