I saw Twilight this afternoon. There was about 50-75 persons for the English version. It was a week day and did not expect that much. Now, I was expecting an action vampire movie based on the trailer. I on knew it was based on a series of books(2 future movies). Boy! What a surprise when I saw 90% of teenage girls/womens. I think most girls had ditched school this afternoon. ;) What did I get myself into????

What is Twilight ?

A teenage girl(17) discovers vampires at her high school.

The review

Twilight is 2h01 with almost 15 minutes of previews, again. My dream of an action vampire movie were crushed from the start.  The story was mostly about the love between the 2 principal characters(Bella, Edward). The action part was mostly at the end(last 20 minutes). The effects were okay. I did laugh a few time but mostly heard the girls giggled around me. Yes, it's a chick flick.

Verdict: Twilight is a movie for teenage girls. If you go for the action, you will be very, very disappointed so  don't expect an Underworld but with teenagers. At least, I know my nieces will like that movie.

P.S. The previews had more action than the movie. Just kidding. :D

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