I saw The Ugly Truth last weekend but was not supposed to. When I arrived atthe theater, I was supposed to see a French-Quebec speaking comedy-robbers movie. But, my friend asked about it and the ticket person said it was not that funny after all. So, she wanted to see The Ugly Truth. But, since she does not understand English and the movie was only available in French, we went to see La Vérité Toute Cru.

I knew it was a chick movie but I took a bet that the comedy part would at least save it for me. Personally, I hate watching translated movies since I knew the original voices of the main actors.  Her boyfriend was thinking the same thing as me. Another friend of hers was supposed to come but he arrived late thus saw the original French movie.

50 people were there already.

What is The Ugly Truth?

A TV show producer(Katherine Heigl) is forced to work with a man(Gerard Butler) to boost rating.

The review

The Ugly Truth is 1h36 with almost 15 minutes of previews. For a chick movie, I found myself laughing more than I expected. At least, I won my bet.  I liked most of the movie except for the Chicky moments of course. The story was told a 1000s of times so not a secret here. It did bother me to hear them in French at first but it was okay. I'm sure some jokes were lost in the translation.


The Ugly Truth is a movie that is not a must see movie in theater. You can wait for the DVD or even on premium TV channels.

Guys, you can reclaim your manhood by watching a testosterone movie after. :D

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