The Signal is one of the newer Blu-Ray movies that I got from my online renting service. The others were older movies.

What is The Signal?

Divided in 3 point of views, most that hear a signal(phone, TV, radio...) become crazy and killers.

The movie review

The Signal is not a must see movie on Blu-Ray. It's was too slow for my taste. The basic ideal was there but I never got into it. It was directed by 3 directors thus each added their own styles. For example, the second part is funnier.

The Signal was encoded in AVC and last 1h44. Strangely, I did like some of the extras. On the Blu-Ray, you got: a commentary, delete scenes(SD), a "Making of"(SD), a few other point of view scenes(SD), the original short film used at the beginning(SD), trailer and teasers(SD). It's more that many movies I reviewed lately.

Cast: Anessa Ramsey, Sahr Ngaujah, AJ Bowen


The Signal is not a rent unless you want to see the extras too.

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