I saw The Incredible Hulk this afternoon, there was about 25 persons(again). It was sunny this afternoon and it's the big movie of the week. Of course, people have many events to go see since the 400 years celebrations of Quebec city are well underway.

What is The Incredible Hulk?

Bruce Banner must come home to get vital information to another scientist that could cure him.

The review

I was hesitant seeing this movie because of the last movie plus the fact that 70 minutes will be added on the Blu-Ray version. But I went anyway. The Incredible Hulk is an "okay" movie. The CGI was fair but I'm in the generation that saw the Lou Ferrigno version on TV. But, I tried to see the movie on it's own. I did enjoy the overall story line but it was missing some key points or had holes in the story. I felt it was unfinished. I guest that's where the 70 minutes will answer some of my questions. Btw, You don't have to wait for the credits to end to see an extra clip.

Verdict: The Incredible Hulk is not a "must see" movie because of the special version that will come out on Blu-Ray. It's not 3-4 extra minutes but 70 minutes. It is better than the first movie but I would drop the CGI and use a real man like on TV the next time around. That's my opinion on this matter but I do understand why they wanted to go with a comic book version instead on both movies.

P.S. The Happening was not available is English in Quebec City. So, It ain't "Happening" here ;) I will have to wait for the Blu-Ray in a few months. I guest the movie won't make that much money on it's first weekend.
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