I love those old war movies like the The Dirty Dozen. This one is a real World War II classic.

What is the The Dirty Dozen?

It's a group of soldiers that were "picked" for a risky mission. They are all facing long time imprisonment or hanging.

The movie review

The Dirty Dozen was encoded in VC1 and the picture looked good in Blu-Ray. Of course, it' a 1967 movies and it shows it's age. It's not a short movie because it's a 2h25. You go from training the men(mostly) to the mission. It's even funny at times. I own the basic DVD, but it did not have much extras on it. The Dirty Dozen in Blu-Ray has a lot more on that front. I did not have time to watch all of them but it was very informative from what I did watch. The only thing is they are in 4x3. They even included the TV movie The Dirty Dozen: Next mission(1985). Again, it's in 4x3.

Cast: Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland


It's a rent but if you love to watch the extras, make time for them. The sequel is 1h30 and one of the extras is 47 minutes.

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