When I saw The Dark Night, there was about 200 persons for the English version(French speaking city). I'm sure it will break box office records. It was rainy thus I expected a little less since they had a midnight showing. Of course, it's the big movie of the week and even summer.

What is The Dark Night?

Batman must battle the Joker and the mob.

The review

The Dark Night is 2h32 and it felt very long to me and it was what I felt with Spider-Man 3. I'm not saying it's bad but I did feel too much hype was given to it in the end after finally seeing it. They could had cut the movie and made another one. You will understand when you see it. Of course, you got a lot of action like every summer movie should have. The CGI was good even if most of the action took place in the dark to hide them. I was surprised by some development's in the story.

Yes, Heath Ledger was good but enough to win an Oscar over that role? I don't know. Like I said to my nephew: Give an actor a few good and funny lines and let him act a bit crazy, or psychopath in this case, and you got the Joker. Jack Nicholson Joker's was also funny(cartoonish) but Heath Ledger Joker's was much darker since the new versions of Batman's movies are also darker. So to be fair, you can't compare roles in that respect.

Verdict: The Dark Night is still a good a movie to see at the theater. Be aware that time might not slip fast like some movies do. Personally, I would not had paid $12 to see it. Anyway, expect to be crowded this weekend at the theater.

P.S. You can leave when the credits start. I waited just in case it had an extra scene at the end.
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