I saw Terminator: Salvation yesterday afternoon. When I arrived in the theater, about 50 people were already there but ended up with around 100 people. I was surprised since it was the second day and it was in the afternoon.

What is Terminator: Salvation?

Set in the future, John Connor must rescue his young dad from Skynet from an unexpected source.

The review

Terminator: Salvation is 2h10 with almost 10 minutes of previews. I must admit that my expectation was lower than any other in the series. When I saw the giant terminator in the trailers, I was thinking more about Transformers. But don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the franchise.

I think that Christian Bale portrait of John Connor was cold while Sam Worthington character was more sympathetic. It could also be by design. Also, is Anton Yelchin starting a career move into sci-fi since he was also in the recent Star Trek?  Note to his agent: put his picture on imdb!

The story was okay. What do you expect? it's a summer movie after all. The CGI were great even if they were more on the dark side.


Terminator: Salvation is a movie that you can see in theater mostly for the action. Otherwise, I would expect a longer version on Blu-Ray.

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