I have been a fan of the Terminator franchise for a long time. Now that I can rent Blu-Ray movies, I decided to see Terminator 2 in high-definition.

What is Terminator 2?

In the sequel, the Terminator is sent back again in time. It will have to deal with a more advance model this time around.

The movie review

In my heart, it's one of the best movie in that genre. Thanks to my PS3, I can now see what video codec a movie is using. In this case, it was MPG2. The movie does not give any video extras and only 2 commentaries. I did not listen to all of it but only a few moments here and there. From what I heard, it was interesting Unfortunately, the one with the cast and the crew did not have a lot of Arnold in it. Maybe, I was not lucky with the few chapters I listened. Plus, it's not the extended edition but the theatrical version. I already had the Ultimate edition on DVD and compared it with the Blu-Ray version for the quality. Blu-Ray was better but not by a lot.


It's a rent and I will buy the Super-Extra-Extended-Platinum version when it comes out again on Blu-Ray.

Buy it new using the above link or buy it for less here:
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