Stargate 2012 is my first 2012 related DVD I'm reviewing. This is disk 2 of 2 called Living the Re-Evolution.

What is Stargate 2012?

William Henry gave a conference about his theories about 2012 and the ancients symbols that he think are wormholes/stargates. In Disk 2, he is the real Daniel Jackson.

The movie review

Stargate 2012 is a regular DVD and Living the Re-Evolution(Disk 2) last for 1h36. It is a conference that was recorded like the first disk. Unlike the first disk, I don't know when it was recorded. It was funny because he showed the DVD box. I guest it was a on going project for him. At the end, you have a few minutes of Q&A from the audiences. The parallels between cultures were interesting.

Again, the DVD is very, very simple that you don't even have any chapters, subtitles or a second audio channel. It is not anamorphic so I got black bar on each side. You have a 2:05 minutes promo about and Contact option in the menu to get more information about other DVDs.


Stargate 2012 is a rent unless you buy everything in sight about 2012. I would not expect it to be seen on regular TV because it is a conference. A documentary would had more chances to air on TV.

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