I saw Star Trek this afternoon. When I arrived in the theater, about 25 people were there already but ended up near 250. I expected it for that type of movie on a Friday afternoon. Plus, there were 2 showings last night but a guy told me that it was not full.

What is Star Trek?

We discover the early years of the USS Enterprise crew.

The review

Star Trek is 2h06 with almost 15 minutes of previews. I liked most of the movies in the serie but this one is the best. The learn facts about the early years is very interesting. I also like the overall history.

Mixing humor and a lot of action was well made. I did tot find many slow scenes in the movie.    The CGI for most of the scenes were very good.


Star Trek is a movie that you should see in theater if you can. It's a  blast for trek fans and like it more than I expected.

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