Seven Pounds is a drama

What is Seven Pounds?

A man contact 7 people to give them a special gift.

The movie review

My expectation of Seven Pounds was somewhat mixed. It's a drama but since it was with Will Smith and included a mystery, I added it to my rent queue. The story was a little better than expected but long at many places. I won't spoiled what is the gift.

Seven Pounds (Blu-Ray) was encoded in AVC and last 2h03. This Blu-Ray release has: 1 commentary, 10 Featurettes(HD), 4 deleted scenes(HD), trailers(HD), Bd-Live.

Cast: Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson

The trailer

Trailer: 2m16s


Seven Pounds is a rent but I give them credit of having all HD extras. That's what some may like if they do buy it.

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