Semi-Pro is a sport comedy that was not available at the theater in English. Of course, knowing that an unrated version would be release later, I would had not gone to see it.

What is Semi-Pro?

A player/owner/coach of a ABA basketball team must improve the ranking to have his team merge into the NBA.

The movie review

Semi-Pro is a basketball comedy centered around Will Ferrell character.  I was expecting more "under the belt" humor with the unrated version and it had a few more jokes. Since it's comedy, you should not expect much in term of story. Plus, I did not laugh very much with this movie. It's not a good sign when some of the extras a more interesting than the movie.

Semi-Pro was encoded in VC1 and 1h31:24(theatrical) last 1h38:27(Let's get sweaty) . This first Blu-Ray disc has nothing on it.

I had to wait to get the second disk with the extras.

Disk 2: 7 deleted/alternate/improv scenes(HD), 6 featurettes(HD), promotions scenes, trailers(HD)

Cast: Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin

The trailer

Trailer: 2m27s


Semi-Pro is a rent IF you want to see the unrated version. Otherwise, you can wait to see it on TV but it may not be the unrated version. Most of the extras are in HD thus a plus. Also, some of the behind the scenes are interesting. If you are a Will Ferrel fans, it's a possible buy if you can have it for cheap.

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