Sorry that I could not update the blog sooner. All of my energy was on 1 Cool File.

Also, I should note that they were not many English movies that I wanted to see. Plus, they are mostly shown in an older theater in downtown(cheaper tickets) that was not upgraded, I heard,  in many years.  A part of the weekend, it's only open after 6pm thus limiting me when I can see them. Btw, It's been at least 20 years that I went there and won't any time soon. I don't like a big head in front of me. It's an old style theater where the seats are not in angle. When you have tasted the new theater, it's harder to downgrade by that much. I decided to go by bus(been 12 years) so not to mess with the paid parking there. I waited for THE movie that will force me to go there an found it.

I liked Resident Evil: Extinction because it's an action pack movie and besides, who don't like zombies being killed again anyway :)  I also liked the story and how Alice is now changing and where it could go for a possible Resident Evil 4(?).  The Umbrella angle is also interesting. The movie is not too long(1h34) and it's ok like that.  I guest we will have a unrated and a little longer(fight scenes) version on DVD and Blu-Ray(Sony pictures).  ;) If you like that kind of movie, I suggest to go see it.

It's more a summer movie in my opinion and should had been launched sooner. I know it's another sequel and may contradict myself being a lack of imagination in hollywood but did liked the first 2 movies. They added a little more to the  whole story line.

Looking at upcoming movies, I have a few possibilities and that will depend if they are available in English here.
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