I saw Quantum Of Solace this afternoon. There was about 150-200 persons for the English version. It was cloudy and a week day but did not expect that much even if it's the big movie of the week. Last night, I heard a negative review on a major TV channel here. This put some doubt in my mind. While on the road to see Quantum Of Solace, the guy on the radio told that most critics on the web liked it. So, how was it?

What is Quantum Of Solace?

James Bond investigate a secret organization with ties everywhere in the world.

The review

Quantum Of Solace is 1h46 with almost 15 minutes of previews. It's the logical continuation of Casino Royale. The special effect(i.e. explosions, chases) were all great and I give them that. It had a few smiles but nothing to laugh out loud. But in the end, the story was missing that little "Bond" thing.

Near the end, there is a big scene but I won't spoiled it for you. For me, it was illogical to be in that geographic location. For me, it broke more the movie. You will understand when you see it.

Btw, Casino Royale was not fresh in my mind thus I felt that I missed some things. You may want to watch it again if you are like me.

Verdict: Quantum Of Solace is an okay action movie but won't win any Oscars for the story line. If you go for the action, you won't be disappointed. But don't expect a second Casino Royale.

While driving home, I heard an ad on the radio said: "The best Bond ever". I don't think so. I paid less since it's the afternoon but I would not recommend you pay the full price to see it at night.

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