Punisher War Zone is a sequel  to the first movie but using another actor and background story that created the Punisher.

What is Punisher War Zone?

The Punisher goes against a mob boss to protect a woman and her daughter.

The movie review

My expectation of Punisher War Zone was to watch an action movie first. The story was okay and the violence(gore) was  more that I expected.  To be honest,  it was a little too long but it's okay.

Personally, I like Ray Stevenson that I discovered in Rome. He is an actor perfect for that type of movie. I recall a suspence mini-series a few years ago.  Now, I'm sure he would be good in a comedy too but I don't know if he has done one.

Punisher War Zone (Blu-Ray) was encoded in VC1 and last 1h43. This Blu-Ray release has: 1 commentary, 5  Featurettes(HD,SD),  trailers(SD,HD), MoBlog, Bookmarks.

Cast: Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Doug Hutchison, Colin Salmon

The trailer

Trailer: 1m33s


Punisher War Zone is a rent and also a buy because for once, the extra are in HD.

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