The Planet Of The Apes movie series is one of my favorite in sci-fi. This time, it's the re-imagination of the classic version.

What is Planet Of The Apes?

An astronaut crashed land on a planet where intelligent and speaking apes are the main species.

The movie review

I don't like much remakes unless it's a direct to video. This leave room for a new movie at the theater. A re-imagination is just a step higher for me since it takes the basics and offer a different version or spin. Sometimes is works and sometime it does not.

Now, the story was very simple with a few easy jokes here and there mostly from Paul Giamatti ape character. The original was not funny. Planet Of The Apes does have action too. The CGI was good for a big budget summer movie. The cast has many known names and ape faces. ;)

Planet Of The Apes (Blu-Ray) was encoded in MPG2 and last 2h00. This Blu-Ray release has: 1 commentary and trailers (HD). That's it.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan


Planet Of The Apes is a rent for any ape fan's and sci-fi lover.

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