I just saw it in theater. They were many fans on this sunny Saturday after-noon for the English showing . :D

If you seen the first 2 movies(most had by now), then see it in theater. Besides, most summer blockbuster are worth it. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is long at times(2h50) and equivalent to the second movie. The first one is still the best. I did not watched the second one since last year and I suggest you watch it again for a refresher if you need to.

And one last thing...

Stay after the credit(most left the theater). Without going into details, I could see a fourth one. The weekend box office will surely tell us.

I seen a new(?) longer trailer for Transformers. I was not very excited at first but I'm more now because this one by gave us more details. I just hope I did not see the whole movie with this trailer!
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