Pearl Harbour is one of those big budget summer movie.

What is Pearl Harbour?

This is the attack on Pearl Harbour from the point of view of 2 man.

The movie review

Pearl Harbour is one of the most realistic depiction of the attack itself. And when the attack do start, that's when the movie really started for me. Okay, I'm a guy so I did fast forward most of the love story(first half). I would not had missed it making the movie much shorter too. But, it's Hollywood so they had to add a love story. Many had troubles with the main characters but I did not. It was a summer movie after all.

It's also the event that woke up the USA and you understand why.

Pearl Harbour was encoded in MPG2 and last a very long 3h03. The action sequence and particularity the attack on the ships are the best one ever. I saw a brief scene of TV recently but decided to wait for my rented Blu-ray instead. On the Blu-Ray, you got: Movie showcase showing some scenes of the movie that show off Blu-Ray, a 48 minutes "Making of"(SD), a 46 minutes documentary of unsung heroes of Pearl Harbour by History channel(SD), a trailer and teaser(SD) and a Music video "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill (SD) . No commentaries were included in this Blu-Ray.

Cast: Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr.


Pearl Harbour is a rent only for the attack.

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