For once, it did not snowed on this Friday. But it's getting to be a long winter with snow every few days. This last week was the most sunny with 5 days in row since November.

The theater had about 20 or so people for the first viewing of Vantage Point. It's normal for an English movies at that showing(12h35) . I believe it will have more people tonight seeing that it's the only English movie in Quebec City.

What's is Vantage Point?

It's the different point of view of a few, thus Vantage Point title, people who all witnesses the assassination of the president of the USA in Spain.

The movie

Wow! I really liked Vantage Point and the style was very interesting. I did not expect to like it that much. The way it was edited is like this: you have the main open sequence and then the president get shots. The clock rewinds 23 minutes and you see the same scene all over again but from a different Vantage Point. It goes on a few times but a bit faster. One "rewind" was with subtitles(Spanish part). Nothing is like what it seems or like I expected to be. Many surprises are in it. At the end, you see every missing pieces of the Vantage Point coming together. The movie is short(1h30) compare to the other movies and it's perfect that way.

It's with: Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt and many more known faces.


Vantage Point is a must see movie in my opinion.

The only drawback is that it cost me $8.00 for an afternoon showing. Not so long ago, it was $6.50. At nights, it's $12.00. That's what happen when no competition exist anymore. Maybe, I will wait the following Tuesday instead and pay $4.95.
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