Miracle At St. Anna is a WWII movie featuring an all African-American unit.

What is Miracle At St. Anna?

Four soldiers are stranded behind enemy line in a small Italian village after saving a boy.

The movie review

My expectation of Miracle At St. Anna was to watch a war movie. But with a movie that long(surprised me), it had a lot of slower scenes centralized around the soldiers.   The action scenes were okay since it's mostly gun fights and explosions. The story was okay too but too long for my taste.  In the end, it's a miracle I was able to watch it all the way. If it were at night, I would had slept on it.

Miracle At St. Anna (Blu-Ray) was encoded in AVC and last 2h40. This Blu-Ray release has: 0 commentary, 2 Featurettes(HD), 9 deleted scenes(HD) and trailers(HD).

At least, the extra are all in HD.

Cast: Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonso, Omar Benson Miller, Valentina Cervi, Matteo Sciabordi

The trailer

Trailer: 2m33s


Miracle At St. Anna is a rent at best for the extras or a wait and see on HDTV.

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