I saw Knowing this afternoon.  It's the second in English to come to Quebec City within a few weeks. This sound like the drought has ended and the beginning of my movie season ;)

When I arrived in the theater, on 10-15 people were there.

What is Knowing?

A man's son receive a paper with only numbers from a time capsule done by a student 50 years ago. Those numbers represent the dates of disasters with a few not happening.

The review

Knowing is 2h01 with almost 10 minutes of previews. Personally, it a was a fair length since I did not check my watch that often(2 times). Overall, I like the story and was even surprised by the end. I was expecting one direction but went in another at the end. I won't say more not to spoiled it for you. The CGI was well done.

That's what I call a summer movie.


Knowing is not a movie that you must see in theater at all cost.

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