I just finished watching the new version of Knight Rider (2008) (TV). I felt a bit nostalgic watching it. Yes, I was able to see it 3 hours sooner. That's Canadian time shifting for you. :D

The TV story was average and worth watching. The car has more features and body now but it had to be because it's 25 years later. During the Las Vegas scene, you will see the cameo of a famous TV casino. Just consider the studio who is making it. The end scene was not what I expected but had some mixed hints.
The potential to turn it into a series is there but with the recent faith of the Bionic Woman, it does not look that great. Maybe the rating won't be so bad in both cases.

Could they start a new TV movie trend by showing updated version of TV shows? That I don't mind much if it's from time to time. Of course, they are making them now for the theater(X-Files, Simpson...) but with a much bigger budget. That, I do mind because it show a lack of imagination.

Anyway, did you watched it?
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