I saw Iron Man for free(see how) yesterday.

On Thursday evening, they had a special showing in English and French of Iron Man. I'm mentioning this because the real fans must have seen that first one.  So, yesterday afternoon was the 2 second "showing" and it had about 100 people. The normal for an English movie is about 10-15 for that day, time and weather(sunny). I imagine the weekend will work out very great for Iron Man.

I tried my best not see much of the trailers of Iron Man so that I could enjoy the movie more. It worked great for me. I did like the story(simple). I did not expect to laugh that much and the time went pretty fast for a 2 hours movie. I only looked at my watch one time.  The CGI was very well done and I don't recall a place where it looked bad.  Btw, don't forget to stay after the credit. You will see  30-40 seconds extra scene.

Verdict: See it and check your brain at the door.

Yes, the popcorn movie season has started. :D
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