I remember when I first saw Independence Day in theater. I had to change seat because it was full with no seats left for the first showing. It was not the French showing but the English showing. I think they even had a second English showing(30 minutes later) with 5 or 6 in French for the rest of the city. Now, I'm lucky if I get an English movie. so 2 showings would be a miracle. ;)

I never seen a movie do the same effect in Quebec City since then.

What is Independence Day

On July 2, an alien ship is detected near the moon on it's way to Earth.

The movie review

Independence Day was encoded in AVC and last 2h25. It's only the theatrical version for their first release on Blu-Ray. It include trailers, Alien Scavenger Hunt where you must find objects while watching the movie, 2 commentaries, ID4 Datastream Trivia Track, bookmark, keyword Search and DBox option if you got the special chair. Independence Day was a big money maker and popcorn movie. It had a diverse cast(most known) but with no big names behind it like summer movies do most of the time. The poster displayed Independence Day.

Cast: Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell


If they were one movie that I wanted more than anything else on Blu-Ray, Independence Day should had been the one. The fact that Independence Day did not include the extended edition or even more extras was a big disappointment for me.

So, it's a rent until they can rectify those mistakes unless they are waiting for Independence Day 2 to come out or when 2 Disc Blu-Ray(50Gig) edition are more cost effective(the more plausible reason).

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