I went to see The Golden Compass on this snowy Friday after noon. Strangely, I did not saw or heard young children because it's rated PG-13 and with reasons. I just found out while looking at the imdb site. I would had taught that it you had been a great English(few here) movie for older students.

Anyway, the movie is based on a book which I did not read. That fact let me watched the movie without any preconception. Reading the comment on the imdb, the person(reader) was not happy about the movie versus the book. For me, I liked the story line even if it's like another Narnia in the making. It's for a young audience even if I saw many grayed hair movie fans. :D

After seeing 13 minutes of previews, the movie started. I will be short here but it's a PG-13. Many are killed which surprised me but now I know. The effects were okay but the bears were too computer animated. I know, it's hard to do. I imagine that in few years, they will have better results. It had more action than I expected.

The story about the group in power and free thinkers was also interesting. This bring me to a story in the news paper today that said that religious groups were boycotting the movie. Even a school removed the book from the library. Because I saw that story first and so, from the start of the movie, I imagine the connection with the church or USSR communist party of not so long ago. Think what we want and do what we say.

The real action was after the movie. When I went to open my car door, I was blocked by a mini-van that was toooo close and could not open the car door. I did not have a choice to enter via the passenger side. That was the fun part. ;)
With the holidays coming, it is a good movie for the season. And with the young Lyra for main heroine, a lot of little girls will want to see it. I'm expecting that tomorrow it will be full in many theaters across North America and elsewhere.

Will you go see it?
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