It's the second Friday in a row that it is snowing a little(few flakes). At least this time, the mini-van was not there to block me from opening my car door like last time. It was more of a windshield liquid day instead. They were about 50 peoples, which for the time of the day, was more than usual for an English movie. The price of the ticket went up this week by $0.25. So, it cost $8.00 in the afternoon.

Anyway, like you can read from my title, I was not impressed with I Am Legend. After all, it's a remake from a classic Charlton Heston movie: The Omega Man that was also a remake.

The movie was slow and with much less action than I expected. Usually, movies of that length don't spend time on the characters and more on action. But, I did jump a 2-3 times. Will Smith character Robert Neville reminded me at times of the Tom Hanks character in Cast Away. The effects were very good.

Would I recommend the movie? Yes but more on DVD which I'm sure will be longer and unrated.
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