I went to see Hitman this afternoon. I heard of the game but never played it. With this in mine, I saw the movie without expectation or knowing to much of the background of Agent 47. Because it was not Thanksgiving in Canada, the movie was only out today in theater. I think it was available in bigger cities with a more English population.

The movie is more an action pack than anything else and could had been a great summer movie. With that in mind, I left my brain at the door. The story was not so bad but not very original. I saw bits of many movie in there. The action scenes were okay.

Timothy Olyphant played Agent 47 more like a robot than a human with feelings. Considering the background of Agent 47, it was Olyphant goal as an actor. A perfect killing machine with no time for emotions. In one scene, let say that Nika ( played by the beautiful Olga Kurylenko) tried her best to fixed that. I'm sure that scene is not be in the game ;)

Overall, it's not a bad movie. Should you see it in theater? Yes, if you want and like this type of movie. But it's not a must see movie in theater kind of movie and you won't loose sleep over it either.

Because it's a Fox movie, I'm sure it will be available in a Unrated version and Blu-Ray exclusive. It may make more money on DVD than at the theater depending on the first weekend boxoffice numbers. It's a long American weekend.
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