I will be very short. I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this afternoon. I'm a fan of the movie series and never read the books. It's a more mature movie and it's long at some places but overall it's a great summer movie. I liked it very much and it should be seen at the theater.

During the movie, warning lights started to flash. No body moved and we continued to watched the movie. After 5 minutes, a clerk told us it was a false alarm. That's what I taught because the movie was not stopped.

Tip: Arrive way before it starts. I was 1 hour early and had to wait because of the long lines. The first English showing(only theater) was 90% full. The French had 3 showing at almost the same time. That's not counting the other theaters in the city. So, plan ahead. They should make an English  only line to speed things up for English viewers ;)
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