When I saw Hancock, there was about 25 persons. It was sunny but I expected a little more than that. After all, it's the big movie of the week. I guest many saw it the day before.

What is Hancock?

Hancock is a modern day super-hero but with many public relation problems.

The review

I do like most of Will Smith's movies and he is often in the July 4 weekend blockbuster movie. I knew Jason Bateman was in Hancock but was surprise to see Charlize Theron too. It must had escape me. The movie is rather short(1h32) for a blockbuster. Heck, we had around 12 minutes of previews.

I did expect to laugh but I did laugh more than I expected. Many did laugh(lauder) more than me . Of course, you got action in there too and a twist in the story that I did not expect. Of course, they do throw a "message" of responsibility in there too for the kids.

Verdict: Hancock is a funny and action movie that can be seen in theater( mostly for the action part). I expect the Blu-Ray to have more stuff in it and maybe an unrated version.

P.S. Don't leave because a few seconds after the credits start, you have an extra scene.
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