I saw Fast & Furious this afternoon. When I arrived in the theater, about 25 people were there. It's more than I expected for that type of movie on a Friday afternoon.

What is Fast & Furious?

A wanted man seek revenge on a drug dealer after his girlfriend is murdered.

The review

Fast & Furious is 1h45 with almost 12 minutes of previews. The revenge story angle is not really new but it had more "meat" than the previous movie from the series.  It had a few funny moment. Of course, the story is about showing bodies and that included the cars too. ;) I guest I should start hanging around the street racing crowd or was it CGI too. The CGI for some of the scenes were good. The stunts were too.  I'm sure a lot of care was invested in the timing since many of the "races" were not in a "closed circuit" where you just have the racers.


Fast and Furious is not a movie that you must see in theater at all cost. I would not had paid $12 to see thus the reason I see my movies in the afternoon. ;)

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