I went to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer this afternoon. On my way, the woman on the radio said the critics were not very good and worst than the first movie. I still went ahead.

A new trailer was shown of Harry Potter 4. I just hope I did not see the movie and that one should had been the first trailer in my opinion.

The film is short(1h32) for a big summer movie and they will have a extended DVD for sure. ;) Yet, I found it a joy to watch and Johnny Storm funny. The special effects were good but I did not start to look at each frames to see if something was wrong. The story was simple to follow(kids) but it's a summer movie after all.

I try not to expect too much, most of the time, and often leave satisfy because of that fact. But I'm eager after watching, again, a trailer for Die Hard 4 :D . I think the so call critics expect Oscar contenders during that season and should not. It's summer and a chance for the brain to take a break and enjoy a popcorn movie.

For me, it worked with FF2 and my brain was in automatic mode. Besides, big action movies are meant to be seen at the theater provided it's in English. If you don't know, Quebec city(Canada) is mostly a French speaking town(98%). But since Spider-Man 3, one big title per week is available in English. Yes! At last, it's again my season. :D
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